Production of Wooden and Metal Church pulpits

4e782503It is not easy for a priest to stand upright the whole liturgy, moreover there are always some things needed by him (a cross, the Bible or an icon).  It is impossible always to hold them during the liturgy that is why there is a special table used for this purposes. This narrow table is called a pulpit, a podium or a lectern and is usually situated in front of the iconostasis.

Our company majors in production of wooden and metal lecterns, church pulpits and other church furniture. We have been producing a variety of pulpits, communion tables and other church supplies for many years.

Pulpits can be of different types and it greatly influences their cost.  They can look like a shelf with four legs that can unfold and be covered with some fabric. It can also be a big stand in the center of the church, where the main icon is put. They are used during the liturgy by priests or can be used as a place for church books or materials of singers. Pulpit for church can be also used by church customers, who write notes or lay handkerchiefs on them.


analoe 184tk 2The materials of pulpits and church lecterns are also various.

  We produce church furniture made of metal and hardwood. It can be carved or smithed in an artistic manner and performed in different sizes, etching and colors. It goes without saying that lecterns are to be practical and comfortable, but we are sure that they must also be reliable and really attractive. We pay great attention to the development process, so that all our pulpits and lecterns combine such characteristics as stability, aesthetics, ergonomics and reasonable cost.


Our company is proud of the manufactured furniture and positive feedbacks and compliments from our customers. We also try to manage the delivery process of our products to any part of the world for them to arrive timely and not damaged. You can look through the images of our products on the site or order an exclusive customized piece of furniture according to your personal demands.


Our masters are experienced and skillful; they have created hundreds of unique church pulpits to meet the requirements of our customers. We pay attention to the best quality of our church furniture, so each pulpit for church produced by our company corresponds with the highest standards and requirements. We use only durable materials that are long-lasting and reliable, special fixings are used in order to be able to replace some parts in case of any damages.


All our products can not only differentiate themselves from others, but also be called the best ones in this industry.  Our company deals with local churches and is ready to export church furniture and supplies abroad (Europe, the USA and other countries). Moreover, our pricing policy is very reasonable and all our products are much cheaper than similar items of other manufacturers. Our team is dedicated to creating high-standard furniture that will endure for many years and enhance the worshipping service. The pulpits, lecterns and podiums created by us will definitely become a focal point of any church as well as please all the staff and visitors.