Candlesticks in Christian life

podsvechnik 78svechi 280dThe gorgeous elaborated candlestick has been highly treasured throughout centuries. It is its deep symbolic meaning that makes candlestick extremely valued in the Orthodox Church. Nowadays, the variety of church candle holder types rank from the smaller candlesticks that the clergy carry in their hands to the larger candle holders that are placed on the church floor. As the centuries passed, this church utensil has evolved from a primitive and abstract lighting utility to a religious piece of artwork.

How did Antique Christians apply candlesticks and triple candle holders?

At the beginning, to illuminate the ancient temples, Christians made simple and plain candle holders solely to lighten their premises. They attached the saucer to the rod of a simple geometric form, and mounted wax candles on it. As the time passed, the church items of the temple internal decoration acquired deeper symbolic meaning and accuracy in shape and form. In particular, the form of the manual service candlesticks and the triple metal cast candle holders grew more exquisite.

As a result, in the church decoration realm there emerged numerous subtypes of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, triple advent candle holders, service reader candlesticks. Nowadays, the church candle holders are produced by contemporary sophisticated decoration techniques, hold a variety of Biblical motives, and truly serve for the good of the church.
The best church utensils craftsmen professionally convey all the symbols and crown their works with Divine monumentality. Each church candle holder astonishes a Christian with its beauty and solemn looks that subsequently will cause an awesome aura in the temple.

Each candlestick conveys symbolic meaning

podsvechnik 92 svechi 285Each church utensil is important for its symbolic meaning. The temple internal decoration items make it easier for the Christian to comprehend the essence of faith, priorities that it points out and meaning that it tries to convey. In case of candlesticks and triple candle holders, they symbolize the particular biblical story — the first conversation of God with the man. The burning bush that appeared in front of Moses is directly associated with the candlestick. It symbolises the fire of enlightenment. At the same time, an important symbolic meaning is rendered by the candle itself. It symbolises a divine light shed on every Christian. When a candle stick conveys a particular biblical story, its symbolism is emphasised in that definite situation.

It is hard to overestimate the meaning and significance of the church candle holder in the contemporary church, as it has completely integrated into the church life. During the ceremony in the temple, the chandelier and the candles are lit that creates a unique air for spiritual reflection. The temple is a place of retreat from the daily life to the prayer.

How to buy a triple candle holder?

Church suppliers, up-to-date church furniture supply stores, and church online stores have an extremely wide range of church candlesticks of all types and looks. This makes it for a Christian really easy and comfortable to choose and purchase the church candle holder that they want.
As a raw material for candle holders, the most popular is brass. It undergoes cast techniques, subsequent framing and turn into a real religious artwork. Also, you can find forged candlesticks that always look magnificent and stunningly.